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Beginner & Intermediate


The recorder is unfortunately a much maligned instrument. This reputation is undeserved, as in skilful hands it can be a very beautiful instrument. To hear a real professional play, click here. Recorders have been around much longer than flutes, and there is an entire family of recorders to get to know. Sopranino recorders are the smallest, bass recorders are the biggest. In between these two extremes are the descant, treble and tenor recorders. The recorder that most children start on is the descant, although learning the treble recorder in tandem for older students is highly recommended.

Jessica teaches beginner and intermediate recorder pupils only, unless the purpose of tuition is solely stage-craft and/or other performance skills. If you are an advanced recorder player, please ask for a recommendation.

Every student is different, therefore Jessica uses a variety of materials when teaching the recorder. For very young beginners (6-9) Sarah Watts' "Red-hot Recorder" series is recommended. Books in this series come with a CD containing not only examples of all of the pieces to listen to, but also some lovely contemporary recorded accompaniments that pupils can play along with. This helps to foster a love of music through participation which is vital if practice is not to become a chore. 

Jessica uses both TCL and ABRSM exam board syllabuses.

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