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Beginner & intermediate


The piano is one of the most versatile and expressive of keyboard instruments. With an immense repertoire spanning several centuries, there is a wealth of wonderful music to discover. As a second instrument it helps to develop an understanding of musical harmony, and is a useful aid to GCSE music and music theory. Keyboard instruments also help to develop other skills, such as hand-eye coordination and self-discipline.

Jessica teaches beginner and intermediate pianists only, unless the purpose of tuition is solely stage-craft and/or other performance skills. If you are an advanced pianist, please ask for a recommendation.

Jessica primarily uses Alfred Brendels' Basic and Premier Piano Courses for beginner pianists. These tutor books develop an understanding of harmony and music theory from the very first page. This is invaluable in helping to develop well rounded musicianship skills. As every pupil is different, other tutor books and systems may be used dependent on individual requirements.

Jessica uses both TCL and ABRSM exam board syllabuses.

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