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Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced


The flute was said by the great Marcel Moyse to be the closest instrument to the human voice. It is capable of a vast range of tone colours and sounds, and enjoys repertoire from multifariously diverse traditions. There are many physical and psychological benefits to playing the flute. It helps to develop a strong abdominal core and also improves lung function and capacity. In addition the deep breathing required when practicing can have a beneficial effect on stress and cortisol levels.

Jessica teaches flautists of all ages and abilities, from complete beginners to those preparing for music college auditions. As every student is different, Jessica uses a variety of materials when teaching the flute. For very young beginners (6-9) Heather Hammond's 'Neat Beat' series is recommended. Books in this series come with a CD containing not only examples of all of the pieces to listen to, but also some lovely jazzy accompaniments that pupils can play along with. This helps to foster a love of music through participation, which is vital if practice is not to become a chore. 

For advanced students, the works of Marcel Moyse, Taffenal and Gaubert are invaluable in developing a strong fluid technique and a beautiful tone.

Jessica uses both the TCL and ABRSM exam board syllabuses.

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